Medical – Kit Checklist

Our team brings a medical kit on the climb (All items marked with a ‘*’), however we suggest you bring your own personal supply.

Which includes the following:

Antihistamine: for allergic symptoms, sedation, nausea *

Decongestant: Sudafed for dry up noses and sinuses *

Anti Diarrhoea: Imodium, Lomotil *

Aspirin and Paracetamol (not ibuprophen): for minor aches and headaches *

Lozenges: for cough and throat  *

Broad of spectrum antibiotics e.g. Cipro *

Canesten cream: for athlete’s foot *

Sun block: to prevent sunburn at high altitude *

Strapping and bandages

Plasters: for blisters *

Ophthalmic: neo-cortef for conjunctivitis and snow blindness

Tincture iodine: for washing wounds

Insect repellent: for protection against insect bites *

Anti-Malaria (not to be taken on mountain but once you have descended) *

Mountain sickness: Acetazolamide (Diamox) for HACE and HAPE *

Oxygen tank

You may want to liaise with members of your group so as not to repeat medical items that would create extra weight.

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