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Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit Route

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Traversing nearly the entire mountain, this 9 day route is the most amazing journey on Kilimanjaro. Northern Route Itinerary:
Mt. Kilimanjaro Itinerary:  Kibo Circuit – North Start 9 Day Kibo CircHighlights include:

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is for many a travel dream; something for the bucket list! The Kilimanjaro Kibo North Circuit route follows little used paths around the 4300 metre contour line that shows the real solitude and wilderness of the mountain, the real Kilimanjaro.
uit Route

Day 1:After arrival into Kilimanjaro airport in the evening, head to your hotel for overnight in Moshi.
(optional): Marangu Village After a leisurely morning and brief orientation, including equipment check, spend the day exploring the history and culture of the Chagga tribe, Tanzania’s third largest ethnic group. Your Africa Moving Rocks guide, will share with you the Chagga village culture – an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in African culture as a warmly invited guest. Visit a local market and the Chagga cultural museum. Enjoy sundowners in the evening and overnight at a Hotel.
(Beggining of ascent): Simba Camp (2625m) Leave from your hotel after breakfast and drive to the attractive wooden village of Nale Meru. After signing in and preparing the porters, you will begin the hike on a wide path that winds through fields of maize and potatoes before entering pine forest. The track then starts to climb consistently, but gently through attractive forest that shelters a variety of wildlife. The forest begins to thin out and the first camp is at the edge of the moorland zone with extensive views over the Kenyan plains. Hiking time is 4 hours.
Third Cave (3935m) The morning walk is a steady ascent up to the Second Cave with superb views of Kibo and the Eastern ice fields on the crater rim. After lunch, we continue along main Rongai trail to Third Cave. Hiking time is 6-7 hours.
Pofu (4100m) Today we head west through the barren mountain desert where you will enjoy the vast untraveled mountain wilderness. You are beginning your exploration into an area where other trekkers are rarely seen and you will enjoy magnificent scenery. Hiking time is 5-7 hours.
Moir Camp (4175m) You will continue your northern circuit today on a step ridge off the main trail. Moir camp is a seldom-used yet very scenic camp with view so the Shira Plateau and upward to the lava plugs. Hiking time is 5-7 hours.
: Lava Tower (4640m) Today is an uphill climb of about 5 hours to the alpine moreland zone where pants are extremely hardy and consist of lichens, grasses and heather. Rest after lunch, then take a 2 hour acclimatization hike up the Lava Tower. This scramble will help prepare for the ascent up the Western Breach.
Arrow Glacier Camp (4830m) Today continue climbing towards the Western Breach ascent. Ascend slightly westward, climbing easy terrain through sree and rocky ridges. Enjoy stunning views of the Western Breach wall and the Breach Icicle. Tonight in camp the entire Shira Plateau lies below, offering stunning views.
Crater Camp (5730m) The past four days of acclimatization and hiking will be put to the test this morning as you ascend the Great Western Breach of Mt. Kilimanjaro! This is an imposing, steep wall of rock leading to the edge of Kibo’s Crater on your way to Uhuru peak. You will reach Uhuru Peak, the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19,340 feet, around 8am. At this early hour, before the clouds set in, we have spectacular views of Africa in all directions. The hiking time is 7-8 hours.

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