Guides & Porters


 The importance of having competent, high quality guides and porters cannot be overstated when it comes to climbing mountains in Tanzania. Our Company uses local guides, all of whom have received extensive training in first aid, mountain rescue, flora, fauna, and geology. All are registered with Kilimanjaro National Park (KINAPA) authority.
Our Mountain guides are very experienced, with most of them having climbed more than 100 times, the various mountains in Tanzania! They are professionals who intimately know the mountain. Expected of Our Guides:

*      High Safety Standards – Your guide can identify and avoid potential hazards such as slippery trails and loose rocks. Your guide can prevent, recognize and treat altitude-related illnesses.
*      Climbs Knowledge – Kilimanjaro trails are clearly marked, so following a trail should not pose a problem. But there are more intricate things that your guide will take into consideration when deciding when, where, and how to move the party. These things include weather conditions, trail density, rest stops, pace, etc.
*      Mountain Facts – Your guide is knowledgeable about general mountain facts. He can tell you about the vegetation zones, the altitudes of and distances to campsites, and information about the geology, flora and fauna. These types of facts increase the enjoyment during the trek by giving you an idea of what you are seeing and feeling.
*      Our Kilimanjaro guides love working with us because we book small, private parties on the best routes.
*      Our porters take care of you. So we take care of them.
Our Company employs, empower, and reward local guides and porters. The company exists to uplift the local people that will take you to the top. Tanzania is the 7th poorest nation in the world with a per capita annual income of only 700 USD. Guides and porters are some of the least paid workers in our society. Many other trekking operators take advantage of this and pay their guides and porters very minimal wages (as little as 5 USD per day). We however exist to empower each other. Trust that we pay at least twice the average local salary from the fees you pay us without charging you more. Let us take you to the top and at the same time feel great about providing for those in need.

Our Company knows how hard porters work to make your trips safe and enjoyable. That is why the company respects and takes care of their crew members. We provide a fair living wage, sufficient meals, proper shelter and sleeping arrangements. Our crew members are not nameless individuals. They are crucial on the mountain and an important part of our company’s and client’s success. They are the ones that make the experience fulfilling with endless singing, dancing and always a smile on each and every face. 
We also support the efforts of the Porters.
The focus of the company is improving the working conditions of the porters on Kilimanjaro. 

We do this by: 
    * Lending clothing at no charge to the porters for their climbs.
    * Teaching English, First Aid, HIV/AIDS, and Money Management classes to the porters.
    * Raising public awareness concerning proper porter treatment.

Guidelines for proper Porter Treatment:

* Porters are paid the Kilimanjaro National Park’s recommended wages of $8USD/day for the Marangu route and $10USD/day for all other camping routes.

 * Loads do not exceed 20 kilos

 * Porters receive the full amount of tip intended for them

    * Porters are outfitted with proper clothing and gear

    * Porters have proper shelter and sleeping equipment

    * Porters are provided with food and water

    * Number of crew is consistent throughout the trip

    * Sick or injured porters are properly cared for

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