Western Circuit

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Discover the untouched African wilderness on Tanzania Western Circuit safaris. From large mammals to birds and reptiles, discover this diverse country’s natural beauty from different perspectives by foot or vehicle where you’re sure to spot something new each day of your stay! Western Tanzania National Park boasts many lush forests and plains that are home to some truly exotic animals like lions, elephants; giraffes…the list goes on. If nature sounds amazing but not quite wild enough for you yet then come explore it as only an expert guide can show it—on horseback! If you are looking for some exciting safari adventures then it is recommended to visit three national parks in Tanzania: Gombe National park which is famous for chimpanzee research; Mahale National park that features chimpanzees along with other primates such as orangutans and colobus monkeys; lastly take your trip up north into NorthWest Tanzania where there’s Katavi National Park. Gombe National Park, Mahale National Park and Katavi National Parks are three of the most famous national parks in Africa and make Western Circuit Tanzania Safari. Don’t miss your chance to visit Tanzania. Book your tour today.

Gombe National Park:

Traveling to the Gombe National Park in Tanzania is great for birdwatchers, but what if you’re not a fan of birds? Don’t fret! There are still plenty of other animal sightings waiting for visitors. For instance: chimpanzees, baboons and elephants all call this site their home.

Mahale National Park:

Mahale National Park near Lake Tanganyika where each day presents new possibilities with wildlife viewing opportunities including big cats such as lions and leopards roaming free-range among giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, and much more.

Katavi National Park:

Katavi National Park is a beautiful place worth visiting. It has wide open spaces and plenty of wildlife to see. If you are looking for an interesting safari, Katavi will be the perfect destination!